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After attaching(Lamination) to iron plate, plastic plate, glass plate, and MDF, it can be applied to many type of fields Such as electrical appliances, interior and exterior construction timbers, furniture(kitchen furniture included), decoration doors expressing with various hairline pattern

Applied Products
- Electrical Appliances : Refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, TV cases, water purifier, dishwasher, computer cases, laptops,
    cellphones etc.
- Interior and Exterior Construction Timbers : Panels, finish materials, decorative materials, package materials
- Basic Furniture&Kitchen Furniture, Decoration Door

Industrial Material Types

- Product Feature: applying surface material to
plate surfaces for electrical appliances like refrigerators,
washing machines and the material for beauty purpose
that have various type of print design, hairline patterns, etc.
Hair Line type : Brush/ Print

- Material Quality: PET/ HL / VM / PVC
(First Line: PRINT HL TYPE / Second Line: BRUSH HL TYPE)
- Product Feature: Product that applies hairline AL
material for luxury golden polish effect and the
eco-friendly material for electrical appliance without PVC.

- Material Quality: PET / HL / AL
Single PET
- Product Feature:Eco-friendly surface material suitable
for electrical appliance surface material with simple single
PET quality.

- Material Quality:Single PET
2D/3D Product
- Product Feature: A next generation material applying
various UV EMBO pattern to the surface of material to
give 2D/3D effect for expressing many type of patterns
and surface texture.

- Material Quality: UV EMBO-PET-PRINT-AL

Industry Material Quality Management Standards

We manage industrial material film’s quality for global electrical appliance companies(Haier,Whirlpool,China Samsung Electronics, etc.) by the global standards.

Erichsen Test 8 mm After Cross Cutting
Distance 0.20 inch (5㎜)
Push 0.24 inch (6㎜)
Bending Test 1 T 180˚, 0T Bending at
Water Boiling No Peel 208℉/98℃ x 1HR Heating x 1HR Leveling
No Change
Alkali Resistance No Change Deposit 5% CH3COOH x 72 HR
Acid Resistance No Change Deposit 5% NaOH x 72 HR
Salt Spray Resistance 1 mm creap ASTM B 117
(X-Cutting, Spray 5% NaCl x 250 HR)
Surface Hardness Min HB ASTM D 3363 (Mistubish Pencil Test)
Weather Resistance No Change ASTM G155 (Weather-O-Meter 100HR)
Ultraviolet Resistance No Change ASTM D 4587 (QUV 24HR)