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  • Main Business Introduction
  • Flexible Package

Flexible Package Manufacture Process

  • Printing Machine
    Process of printing ordered color of plate piece for the consumer
  • Lamination Process (DRY)
    A second grade paper fabric lamination process made after drying in chamber with glued printout
  • Lamination Process (EXT)
    The process of coating a substrate material for polyethylene melt is heated to above 300 ℃ heat.
  • Processing Process(Division)
    The final state of package process for cutting the product in it’s right size
  • Processing Process(Discharge)
    The process of producing in the form of bag by heat, pressure sealing to compound film’s sealant floor
  • Processing Process(spout)
    TProcess of attaching CAP to top of the bag produced from discharge process : Patent 10-0983782
  • Cold Seal Process
    PProcess of detailed coating to bonded part of the film’s user side after printing and laminating

Manufacture Process Outline