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The raw/sub material for producing groceries applies only from the standards from the FDA approval or a product with a similar basis.
All the food package materials have guaranteed safety of being utilized by G.C.(Remains Analyzer).

Food Packaging

Cold/Frozen Storage
We provide various package materials for suitable request from the
consumer in cold storage food packaging(Meat and other processed products) with pouches and LID film(TOP,BOTTOM).
- Features: High resistance and vacuum packing able, strong against
oxygen/ultraviolet rays Easy to open using EPL(Easy peel)Film
- Quality Material: O-NY/PE(LD+LLDPE(NY)/PE(EPL), Functional TOP,BOTTOM Film
- Use: Fried food, Dumplings, Fish Meats, Ham/Sausages, Soups, Meats
Retort Pouch (Instant Product)
The main instant food product is mostly retorted and package material have stronger conservativeness than other compared package products.
- Features: Suitable for high temperature(125degree) and high barrier film(oxygen, humidity), ability for the use of microwave depends on package design.
- Quality Material: PET/NY/Heat resist CPP, PET/NY/AL/Heat resist CPP
- Use: Food products(Curry, black soybean Sauce, soup) Meat product(Hamburger, ham/sausage), processed marine product(fish cake, shrimp cream)
Liquid/Food Service Type
ckage used for Liquid sauce & paste, beverages and requires barrier due to prevent the discoloration and scent change from product’s fraction, draining.
- Features: isolating function of ultraviolet rays, oxygen with cap attached for
- Quality Material: PET/PE/special resin,NY/EVAL/PE,PET(NY)/PE
- Use: Paste(pepper paste,soybean paste,soy sauce), Sauce(liquid soup,marinade),
Beverages(coffee,soft drink,fruit drink)
Powder Type
Powder package for various types of condiments, flour, sugar.
- Features: strong resistance against external environment, easy to use(reuse able
with zipper attachment), easy to open(easy to tear for use), possible for heat attachment.
- Quality Material: OPP/PE(LD+LLDPE),PET(NY)/(LD+LLDPE),PET/Paper/PE,
- Use: Flour, Fries, Frying power, Condiment, Sugar, Salt, Coffee/Tea Etc.
Agricultural Products
Using porosity film for keeping freshness of vegetables and fruits.
- Features: Appliance of porosity film to keep freshness,
use of high transparent film to confirm product’s fressness
- Quality Material: PET/NY,Paper/PE,porosity OPP/PE,OPP/CPP,OPP/PE
- Use: Grains, Vegetables
Dried Products
Dried products are distributed in the form of complete dry and semidry food and it requires gas, scent, humidity to be blocked and uses high transparent films for good distinction.
- Features:Use of high transparent, high isolation film, ‘anti fog agent’ film applied for
efficient humidity block
- Quality Material: OPP/CPP,PET/PE,K-OPP/anti fog agent CPP(PE)
- Use: Jerkies, semidry food(raisin), stock fishes
EPL Film
Container TOP Film, apply as basic pouch, a film designed to peal open easily.
- Features:Easy to open with EPL(easy peal)Film
- Quality Material: OPET/NY/EPL/ CPP(PE)container, PET(NY)/PE,PET(NY)/VM-PET
- Use: Fruitfelly, Instant rice product, Sauce, Chicken raddish
Coldseal Products
Supplant of basic heat seal packing, functional film for products needing to change by heat.
- Features: Possible for adhesion by pressure without heat and great production speed
compared with heat adhesion
- Quality Material: PET/PE/VM-PET/Coating, OPP/PE/VM-PET/Coating
- Use: Product processed by chocolate (Chocolate, Chocobar,Chocopies)