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Guarantee of product quality with all product’s quality inspection(elasticity test,drop-test,heat sealer strength test).
Emphasis of convenience and practical use by attaching SPOUT CAP to the basic pouch.

Daily Supply/Hygiene/Forage Package

Daily Supply
Liquid type pouch is strong against tearing, fluid and convenient for reuse due to SPOUT CAP attachment.
- Features: quality guarantee by appliance of high strength film, special resin design for productivity improvement
- Quality Material: PET(NY)?LLDPE,PET/NY/LLDPE
- Use: detergent fiber, fabric softener, dishwash detergent, powder detergent, bleach
Hygiene Products
Medicine and hygiene product packages have outstanding hygiene cleanness.
- Features: wide useable low price package, blocks alcohol, chemical types of humidity
- Quality Material: OPP/CPP, PET/PE, PE PET/AL/PET/PE
- Use: Hygiene Products (Moistened tissue, Condom package)
Forage Products
Pouch for pet forage package, equally produced / managed with food, living product packages.
- Features: Compatible with mixed meat package – Retort possible
High strength film applied for big size package.
- Use: Mixed meat type, Ham, Forage products