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Employment Process – New Employee

WONJI is a global packaging solution company jumping up to be a leading company in the world .

Apply if you want to be a part of making professional packaging solution company together.
- Recruitment Period Off recruitment according to requirement of employment
- Application Method E-mail appliance to personnel management of WONJI Co. : jwkim22@cj.net
- Qualification of Application A person with at least a high school diploma or the equivalent. (in the case of college degree program, an expectant graduate) Completed military service or exempted from military service.
A person with no disqualification for overseas duty or health issue.
Preference to Independence Movement Activist Patriots and disabled through the according law.
- Etc. Preference to foreign language superior and/or to the corresponding certificate possessor.
Detail information inquiries are made to head office recruit manager.
- Required Document Download Job Application Form   다운로드